Adventures in nature. Something that humans yearn for, that sits intrinsically within us. That love of nature. A want to spend time in the great outdoors. To see more and explore further with every adventure we have. To embrace the escapade.  

We make no secrets of our love of the world around us, and our need to care for nature whilst living the outdoor life. To give back to the elements for all they give to us. To go sustainably into the wilderness.

It is these ideas and principles that sees VÄRLDEN and Elsewhere team up for a very special, limited edition release. Our tribute to nature and the elements, for all it does for us. Our ode to the Wilderness.

Taking inspiration from Scandi design and touching upon the elements that draw us the nature. The mountain air, getting lost among the pine trees, hearing the water flow downstream on that latest adventure. Those views, that scenery, and the risks and rewards that come from experiencing all the world has to offer us.

The Wilderness T-Shirt is here.

Two independent brands, with an intertwined ethos, and a shared love of the outdoors. A longing to be out in nature, with a dedication to sustainability and giving back to the world; paying back for the experiences and growth that seeing it bestows.

So get out there...adventure in nature. Find your true north. Who knows where you'll end up. Who knows what you'll see. But there's only one way to find out and one place to find it. Out there in the wilderness.

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