Curing Boredom

How to solve a problem like boredom?

Jump on the exercise hype train? Get out there and find some local unexplored hidden gems? Whittle down the days in a haze of Tiger King, Call of Duty and fresh found culinary prowess? Learn a new skill? Gain a new interest? Or just maybe…revisit an old one?

Enforced lockdown seems to have bred many an outcome, and a personal one came from a lazy day cleanout of under the bed. Out with the 2016 bank statements, 2018’s birthday cards and those juggling balls you swore you’d master.  Along with that assortment of wires that you are not even sure what they do, and there’s a high probability you don’t even own what they once powered any more. Looking a little further under the pillow end, and you discover some notebooks, half full and brought from Australian stationary & hipster accessory haven, Typo. A quick flick through and a few what ifs, why didn’t I, and why nots later, and you get yourself a plan together…

What if I’d have done that sooner? Why didn’t I follow through with it? Why not just go for it now? All reasonable and thought conjuring musings. Even though it’s been over 8 years since you discovered some pretty rad people doing similar in Aus which first lit the match of creativity. Even though these are all loose ideas and anything tangible still seems a distant hope. Even though you had to wipe the dust off the notebooks, and you’re surprised the ink is still legible inside them. Why not just go for it?

So here I find myself, only a few months on top of these 8 years later. After some heavy trial and error, backed up by endless readings of various blogs and how to articles. Supported by some awesome friends and loved ones. From super limited knowledge and armed with a can-do attitude, Elsewhere Clothing Co is here. I hope you all enjoy it. It’s been a long time coming but one thing’s for sure, I’ll do anything to avoid that level of boredom…

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